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Babypips Review: Best Forex Trading Courses for Beginners

Chump Profit's forex trading course reviews


Looking for the best forex trading courses and course material? Read this review to uncover top-notch courses by Baby Pips that simplify the complexities of forex trading. Discover how you can become part of a vibrant community and gain the skills needed to navigate the forex market confidently.

Understanding the Forex Market

Forex trading, also known as currency trading, involves buying and selling currencies to profit from market fluctuations. Whether you're intrigued by the EUR/USD currency pair or the dynamics of the European session and London session, mastering these aspects is key to success.

Choosing the Right Course

Selecting the best forex trading course is crucial, especially for beginners. These courses offer comprehensive materials and resources designed to take you from the basics to advanced trading strategies. Dive into technical analysis, risk management, and more as you progress through each course.

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A standout in online forex trading courses, BabyPips takes a structured approach to educate beginners.

Users can access basic trading knowledge and tools through self-directed learning.

The platform offers educational materials, training sessions, interactive resources, and a vibrant community with plenty of engaged chat rooms.

Read more to explore its essential features and learn the key success factors driving its rapid rise among forex market enthusiasts.

The Company Vision

In 2005, began with a vision to provide free forex education worldwide.

Passionate forex enthusiasts aimed to simplify currency trading complexities, making it understandable and enjoyable for newcomers.

Their objective was clear: to unravel the complexities of currency trading, for example the popular EUR USD currency pair, rendering it not only understandable but also enjoyable for those taking their first steps.

The Faces Behind the Scenes

The company is the collective effort of a team of forex market experts and live trading educators.

The Evolution of Excellence

Over the years, BabyPips has become a prime online education platform for forex trading. Millions, particularly novices, have benefited from its user-friendly approach.

A Truly Engaged Platform of Real Users

The platform's allure lies in its captivating content, interactive forums, and dynamic chat rooms.

These real-time avenues, combined with invaluable tools, position the platform as a go-to resource for aspiring forex traders.

The Heart of the Company's Aspiration

The company's mission is clear: to provide free trading education and unwavering support to aspiring forex traders.

Product Features and Benefits

The School of Pipsology

The School of Pipsology is the core hub for learning.

It covers basics to advanced topics, from forex fundamentals to complex trading strategies.

The user-friendly interface and engaging content offer an enriching educational experience.

The platform also hosts a vibrant global community of traders.

a certificate, electronic, offered to students undertaking the online, free courses, Baypips School of pipsolgy.

Why use School of Pipsology

For newcomers puzzled by forex intricacies, the School of Pipsology is a comprehensive online course.

This free offering demystifies trading and equips you with fundamental knowledge for confident interpretation of market conditions, forex market navigation and understanding the intricacies of major financial centers.

Course Structure and Ease of Learning

The School of Pipsology empowers beginners with essential forex trading skills. The text-based approach and illustrations supports deep understanding and self-paced learning.

The comprehensive curriculum sets a foundation for success.

While some might miss the allure of video content and direct interaction with instructors, the course's textual nature provides a structured and book-like learning experience.

If you possess a self-driven attitude and motivation, you'll find these courses more than sufficient to provide a solid theoretical foundation in trading.

Learning at Your Pace

With a whopping 361 lessons divided into 11 courses, the School of Pipsology takes a step-by-step approach to ensure your progression is steady and structured.

From absolute basics to advanced concepts, this course doesn't just throw you into the deep end; it holds your hand as you venture into the world of currency trading.

Course Highlights

Let's take a glimpse at the course outline to understand the scope of what's covered:

Preschool (Course 1):
  • A gentle initiation into forex, introducing you to the foreign exchange market, forex market hours and its key terminologies.

Kindergarten (Course 2):
  • Unravel the essentials of choosing a forex broker and analysing currency markets.

Elementary (Course 3):
  • Embark on the journey of technical analysis, learning about support and resistance, candlestick patterns, Fibonacci, moving averages, and more.

Middle School (Course 4):
  • Delve deeper into chart indicators, chart patterns, and pivot points.

Summer School (Course 5):
  • Elevate your technical analysis prowess by exploring Heikin Ashi, Elliott Wave Theory, and harmonic price patterns.

High School (Course 6):
  • Expand your horizons with trading divergences, breakouts, and the art of using multiple time frames on charts.

Undergraduate - Freshman to Senior (Courses 7-10):
  • Progress through these courses to understand market sentiment, trading during news releases, risk management, and more.

Graduation (Course 11):
  • Gain wisdom as you prepare to step into the real trading world with insights into common trading mistakes and Forex trading scams.

Final Thoughts

The School of Pipsology stands as an impressive initiative to empower beginners with the skills and knowledge required for forex trading.

While the absence of video content might be a concern for some, the text-based approach allows for deep understanding and self-paced learning.

With its comprehensive curriculum and thoughtful progression, this course is your stepping stone towards joining the ranks of successful forex traders.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Community Forum: A Knowledge Hub for Aspiring Traders

The platform enables users to immerse in an interactive forum.

Vibrant chat rooms, connecting with a community of traders brimming with insights,

guidance, and spirited discussions about market conditions, trading strategies, trading volume, trends, and real-time trading experiences.

This collective effort nurtures a nurturing and synergistic learning environment.

Navigating the Forum Categories

The Babypips Forum is organised into several categories, each catering to specific aspects of trading:

Beginner Questions

Tailored for those taking their first steps, this category addresses the queries of newcomers.

Trading Discussion

Engage in conversations about trading strategies, trends, and market insights.

Trading Systems

Delve into the intricacies of various trading systems and methodologies.

Trading Community

Connect with like-minded traders, share experiences, and build a network.

Broker Discussion

A partner center to gain insights into different brokers, find a broker, learn their offerings, and user experiences.

Trading Tech and Tools

Explore the technology and tools that aid traders in their endeavours.

Bitcoin and Crypto

Dive into discussions about cryptocurrencies and their impact on trading.

Global Markets

Explore the dynamics of global markets beyond forex.

Commercial Content

Discover trading-related products and services from the community.

The Lobby

Engage in off-topic conversations and unwind with fellow traders.

A Community for All

The forum pulsates with a multitude of conversations, many of which centre around beginners seeking guidance.

The community's authenticity shines through diverse questions and insightful answers, often addressing topics like choosing brokers and sharing experiences.

The enthusiasm and engagement of members underscore their dedication to their craft, presenting an encouraging environment for learning and growth.

Sample Topics

To provide a glimpse into the forum's dynamics, here are some recent topics:

  • "New Traders Learning From YouTube - Please Don’t Try This Strategy": Members discuss the pitfalls of relying solely on YouTube for trading education.

  • "Why do most traders fail": A conversation delves into the reasons behind trader failures.

  • "$100 Up for Grabs! GIVEAWAY ALERT: A New Chart Art Category": An announcement about a new category for chart enthusiasts.

  • "A Simple Mean Reversion Strategy": Traders share insights into a straightforward mean reversion strategy.

  • "My fiancé got scammed with a 'crypto' scheme": A beginner seeks advice after a negative experience with a crypto scheme.

Closing Thoughts

The Forum is a vibrant community where traders of all levels unite to share knowledge, experiences, and advice.

Its structured categories cater to a variety of trading aspects, and the genuine engagement of members creates a conducive learning atmosphere.

Whether you're a newcomer seeking guidance or an experienced trader looking to connect, the Forum is a valuable resource that fosters growth and camaraderie.

Review Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Forex Tools and Calculators: Enhancing Your Trading Insights

As you embark on your journey to master the art of forex trading, having the right tools at your disposal can significantly amplify your understanding and decision-making prowess.

In this segment of our product review, we'll explore the Forex Tools and Calculators, which offer a range of essential functionalities to aid traders in making informed choices.

A Standard Suite of Forex Tools and Calculators

The Forex Tools and Calculators collection presents a set of useful instruments that assist traders in comprehending the nuances of the market.

While some of these tools align with what's available on the web, they are thoughtfully aggregated on the platform for seamless access.

Here's a Glimpse of What's Included:

Forex Market Hours

Gain insights into the forex market's opening and closing times, as well as the main trading sessions.

The Forex Market Time Zone Converter tool lets you effortlessly view market hours in your local time zone, aiding in strategic planning.

Risk-On / Risk-Off Meter

Understanding market sentiment is vital in trading. The Risk-On/Off Meter becomes your guide, offering a snapshot of whether the market is in a "risk on" or "risk off" state.

This insight empowers you to align your trades with the current market sentiment.

Gain & Loss Percentage Calculator

Assessing your trade's performance is crucial.

With the gain and loss percentage calculator, you swiftly grasp what percentage of your account balance you've won or lost, aiding in tracking and evaluating your trading effectiveness.

Pip Value Calculator

Every pip matters, and knowing its value is essential.

This calculator computes the value per pip in your account currency, allowing you to effectively manage your risk on each trade.

Pivot Point Calculator

Recognising support and resistance levels is pivotal.

The pivot point calculator aids in identifying significant daily, weekly, and monthly pivot points, enabling you to make well-informed trading decisions.

Position Size Calculator

Managing your risk per position is a cornerstone of trading.

The position size calculator helps you determine the approximate currency units to buy or sell, ensuring you maintain control over your maximum risk.

Forex Regulatory Organisations

Knowledge about regulatory bodies is essential for secure trading.

The list of governmental financial institutions and independent regulators provided here serves as a reference point, offering insights into organisations that oversee and safeguard the currency trading industry.

Final Thoughts

The Forex Tools and Calculators provide traders with essential resources to refine their trading strategies and decision-making processes.

While some tools might be familiar, the convenience of having them aggregated within the platform is undeniable.

These tools serve as the compass guiding you through the intricate landscape of forex trading, enhancing your understanding, confidence, and ultimately, your success.

Review Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

News and Market Commentary

Dive into the pulse of the forex market with regularly updated news and trading articles spanning European, Asian, and American trading sessions.

Stay ahead with market developments and glean valuable insights.

MarketMilk: A Visual Insight into the Forex Market

In the realm of trading schools, it's not just about theoretical knowledge; it's about leveraging the right tools to make informed decisions.

One such tool offered by Babypips, MarketMilk, warrants a closer look.

While the analysis tools within it might not be ground breaking, the platform's design and user-friendly approach set it apart, making it an asset worth considering.

Navigating MarketMilk's Analysis Tools

MarketMilk, though housing analysis tools that are widespread across the web, has taken a thoughtful approach to ensure simplicity and ease of use.

The platform is tailored to make charts not just comprehensible but also conducive to prompt decision-making. Let's delve into the tools that MarketMilk offers:

1. FX Market Snapshot: A Swift Overview

Ever wished for a quick summary of the forex market's current state?

The FX Market Snapshot does exactly that. In a visually appealing format, it encapsulates ongoing market activity, giving traders an instant grasp of strong and volatile currencies.

It's your go-to guide to discern which currency pairs have witnessed significant gains or losses.

2. FX Market Movers: Real-Time Movement Insights

For those who crave real-time insights, the FX Market Movers is a boon. It identifies which major currency pairs are on the move.

Whether a currency pair is heating up or cooling down, this tool doesn't just provide the information—it ranks the pairs based on their percentage change, enabling traders to spot leaders and losers in the performance spectrum.

3. Forex Market Hours Tool: Mastering Timing

Timing is critical in forex trading, and the Forex Market Hours Tool offers valuable insights.

It lets you view the best trading times in your local time zone, aligning your trading activities with optimal market hours.

This tool also empowers you to focus on specific assets of your choice or from your watchlist, enhancing your strategic planning.

4. Custom Asset Analysis: E.G., XAU/USD with FXCM

Diving deeper into specific assets, MarketMilk allows you to analyse assets like XAU/USD with precision.

Get a comprehensive overview, delve into trend analysis, monitor overbought or oversold conditions, gauge performance through the heat map, and even explore pivot points and volatility—all in one place.

Final Thoughts

MarketMilk isn't about reinventing the wheel; it's about refining it.

While the analysis tools it houses might be accessible elsewhere, MarketMilk's emphasis on design and user-friendliness transforms these tools into valuable assets.

The clear charts and intuitive interface enhance your understanding of market dynamics, ultimately supporting more informed and effective trading decisions.

For traders seeking a tool that streamlines information, MarketMilk offers a visually pleasing and straightforward solution.

In your quest for trading success, having such tools at your disposal can make all the difference.

Review Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Trading Quizzes

Elevate education with gamification via Trading Quizzes. Injecting fun into learning, these quizzes transform the educational process into an engaging experience.

baby pips banner ad for there three core offerings, How forex works, Trading quizzes and fore glossary

Ads and Support

Sustained by ads, the platform champions free education while prioritising an uninterrupted learning experience.

Users are kindly urged to whitelist the website on their ad blockers or temporarily disable the blocker to bolster this noble cause.

User Experience and Account Creation

Navigating the platform is seamless, granting uninhibited access to a trove of educational content, market insights, and engaging quizzes without necessitating account creation.

However, to fully immerse oneself in the enriching community and access supplementary features, users can effortlessly create a free account utilising an existing email address or social media account.

BabyPips' Remarkable Standing

Since its inception in 2005, BabyPips has cemented its standing as a trusted, dependable wellspring of forex education.

Garnering millions of hits on its website, it has transformed into a beacon for global traders, celebrated for its captivating content and user-centric approach.

Celebrating the Wonders of BabyPips:

Our admiration for the brand stems from its unwavering dedication to offering high-calibre, complimentary education.

The School of Pipsology sets a firm yet engaging educational path to support traders to trade forex, while the community forum nurtures valuable exchange and collective growth.

The user-friendly interface, consistently updated content, and playful quizzes convert forex learning into an enlightening adventure.


  • Comprehensive Learning

  • Enriching and Enjoyable Learning

  • Nurturing Community

  • User-Centric Design

  • Valuable Forex Resources

  • Accessible to All


  • Limited Advanced Content

  • Live Trading Absence

  • Theory-Centric

  • Overwhelming Forum

  • Advertisements

  • Supplementary Learning Needed

  • Awaiting Mobility

Is it among one of the best forex trading courses?

BabyPips is a top platform for free forex education, offering comprehensive resources and interactive tools. It's an essential starting point for newcomers and a foundation for forex success.

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Closing Remarks

BabyPips shines as a beacon of empowerment, guiding traders toward forex enlightenment.

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Remember to trade responsibly and consult financial advisors for uncertainties in investment decisions.

Trading and investing carry inherent financial risks. Only allocate funds you can afford to lose, use proper risk management and consult an independent financial advisor if uncertainties shroud your investment decisions.

Kyriacos Kyriacou, experienced trader, broker, and educator in forex. He has a B.A. in Economics from Liverpool University and an M.S. in Marketing from Surrey University

Kyriacos Kyriacou, a seasoned forex trader, broker, and educator, is equipped with a B.A. in Economics from Liverpool University and an M.S. in Marketing from Surrey University.


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