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🌞Forex Market update for Thursday morning🌞

**Chump Profit Morning Brief**

Today's finance brief brings a focus on the latest developments surrounding Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and the weakening Japanese yen.

In yesterday’s remarks, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell highlighted the expectation of interest rate hikes to curb US economic growth and contain inflation. Powell emphasised that the timing of these rate increases would be data dependent. As traders eagerly await further testimony from Powell before the Senate Banking Committee, market participants are seeking insights into the Federal Reserve's monetary policy path and its implications for various asset classes.

Meanwhile, the Japanese yen has experienced a notable weakening against the US dollar. This decline follows Powell's comments and underscores the diverging expectations for monetary policy between Japan and the United States. With the Bank of Japan (BOJ) maintaining ultra-loose monetary policy, traders are closely monitoring the yen's performance, as any potential policy shift by the BOJ or a turn lower in US yields could significantly impact the currency's trajectory.

In addition to these key developments, today's agenda includes the Eurozone consumer confidence report, multiple rate decisions across various countries, US economic data, and speeches by prominent central bank officials. These events will likely shape market dynamics and present trading opportunities for savvy investors

Today's key events include:

- Eurozone consumer confidence report.

- Rate decisions in the UK, Switzerland, Indonesia, Norway, Mexico, Philippines, and Turkey.

- US Conference Board leading index, initial jobless claims, current account, and existing home sales.

- Testimony from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell before the Senate Banking Committee.

- Speech by Cleveland Fed's Loretta Mester.

Notable market developments:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell stated that interest rates will need to increase to reduce US growth and control inflation. The timing of rate hikes will depend on incoming data.

Bank of Japan (BOJ) board member Asahi Noguchi emphasized the need to maintain ultra-loose monetary policy to support wage growth and achieve the 2% inflation target. Noguchi also highlighted risks to Japan's economy.

The yen weakened against the dollar following Powell's comments, with the yen sliding to its weakest level since November. The BOJ's ultra-loose policy and diverging expectations with the US contribute to the yen's decline.

Asian stocks, including the Japanese Topix index, rose, providing a counterweight to global markets facing potential interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve.

Treasury yields were mostly flat, but shorter maturity yields rose, causing the inversion of a key segment of the yield curve.

Other central banks, including the Bank of England, are expected to make rate decisions today. Traders anticipate the BOE to raise rates and are considering a larger half-point increase.

Crude oil prices slightly fell but remained above $72 a barrel. Bitcoin maintained its gains, surpassing $30,000 amid speculation over BlackRock Inc.'s filing for a US spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund.

Trade Ideas:

- Keep an eye on the rate decisions from the Bank of England and other central banks, as they may impact currency movements and provide trading opportunities.

- Consider monitoring the yen's performance against the dollar, as any potential BOJ policy shift or a turn lower in US yields could affect the yen's trajectory.

- Evaluate the impact of rising Treasury yields on different sectors and assets, as this could influence market dynamics and present trading opportunities.

- Stay updated on oil prices and related news, as they can impact energy stocks and potentially provide trading opportunities.

- Follow developments in the cryptocurrency market, particularly Bitcoin, and assess the implications of institutional involvement for potential trading strategies.

Remember to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any trading decisions, considering your risk tolerance and investment goals.


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