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Forex Morning Market Brief: May 21, 2024

Traders are eagerly anticipating Nvidia’s earnings report on Wednesday, with options markets predicting an 8.7% swing in either direction by Friday.

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This potential movement could result in a market cap change of $200 billion, significantly influencing the broader AI sector. Nvidia, up 87% this year, has become a pivotal player in the AI industry, holding a market value of approximately $2.3 trillion.

Wall Street expects robust quarterly earnings, predicting a rise in revenue to $24.65 billion from $7.19 billion a year ago. This earnings report could be a critical indicator of investor confidence in the AI boom.

Asian Market Movements

Asian stocks experienced a pause after a seven-day winning streak, primarily due to weak earnings from Li Auto, which led to a decline in Hong Kong’s equities.

The MSCI Asia Pacific index saw losses, with Australian and Japanese markets showing mixed results.

Commodities like gold and copper remained near their all-time highs, with the Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index reaching a 15-month high.

Today's Economic Calendar

CAD Inflation Data

  • CPI m/m

  • Median CPI y/y

  • Trimmed CPI y/y

  • Common CPI y/y

  • Core CPI m/m

Canada's inflation data will be crucial in today's market analysis. Traders will be looking for any deviations from expected figures, which could influence CAD pairs.

Key events this week:

  • Fed’s Thomas Barkin, Christopher Waller, John Williams, Raphael Bostic, Susan Collins, Loretta Mester speak, Tuesday

Market Trends and News

Key Industry Trends: AI Expansion

Nvidia’s performance will significantly affect related sectors, including power, commodities, and utilities. The broadening impact of AI, as highlighted by BofA strategists, indicates that companies beyond Nvidia are beginning to benefit from AI advancements.

Strategic Developments: Commodities and Tech

The Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index's surge to a 15-month high signifies a strong commodities market, especially for gold and copper. These trends suggest continued strength in these commodities, which could affect trading strategies for forex pairs linked to commodity-rich countries like Australia and Canada.

Currency Overview

EUR/USD: Minimal Movement Amid Holidays

The EUR/USD pair saw little action on Monday, hovering around the 1.0860 mark for most of the day. A holiday in Europe and a quiet US macroeconomic calendar contributed to the low volatility. Comments from Federal Reserve officials reflected cautiousness regarding inflationary trends, impacting market sentiment.

Looking ahead to the forex mornin, Germany will publish the April Producer Price Index (PPI), expected at -3.2% YoY, easing from -2.9%. Additionally, the Eurozone will release the March Current Account and Trade Balance, which could provide some movement for the euro.

USD/JPY: Weak Yen and Rate Differential Impact

The USD/JPY pair has been bolstered by the significant interest rate differential between Japan and the US. The Japanese Yen depreciated for the fourth consecutive session, driven by expectations that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) may raise interest rates sooner than anticipated. Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki expressed concerns about the weak yen's adverse effects and closely monitored FX movements. Higher US Treasury yields continue to support the US Dollar.

Market Overview

Competitive Analysis: Nvidia's Dominance

Nvidia's expected strong performance underscores its crucial role in the AI market. The company’s dominance and its impact on broader market trends will be pivotal. This scenario suggests potential volatility for other tech stocks and sectors dependent on AI advancements.

Oil Market Dynamics

Oil prices fell, with Brent crude near $83 a barrel, despite geopolitical tensions. The narrowing of Brent’s prompt spread to its smallest backwardation since January indicates a potential weakening in market outlook.

This trend, along with decreased processing rates by refiners, points to softer demand, impacting oil-linked currencies like CAD and NOK.

Forex Morning Trading Ideas

Predictive Stock Movement: Nvidia

Given Nvidia’s anticipated earnings, traders should prepare for significant volatility. An 8.7% swing could present opportunities for both long and short positions, depending on the actual earnings results and market reaction.

Sector Influence: Commodities and Energy

  1. Gold and Copper: The high prices of gold and copper suggest a bullish trend. Traders can look at long positions in currencies of gold and copper-exporting countries like AUD and CAD.

  2. Oil: With a bearish outlook on oil, consider short positions in oil-linked currencies if further declines in oil prices are expected.

  3. AI-Related Stocks: Positive earnings from Nvidia could boost other AI-related stocks, providing opportunities in tech-heavy indices and ETFs.

Summary and Engagement

Key Takeaways

  • Nvidia's earnings report is highly anticipated and could significantly impact the AI sector.

  • Commodities, particularly gold and copper, are at high levels, suggesting potential bullish trends.

  • Oil prices are under pressure, indicating possible declines in oil-linked currencies.

  • EUR/USD remains steady amid low activity, while USD/JPY is influenced by interest rate differentials and weak yen dynamics.

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