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Today's trading brief focuses on key developments in the financial markets, with particular attention on the highly anticipated US nonfarm payrolls (NFP) data. This economic indicator is expected to draw significant attention and potentially impact trading strategies across various asset classes.

The NFP report provides valuable insights into the health of the US labour market. It includes information on the number of jobs added or lost in nonfarm sectors, the unemployment rate, and average hourly earnings. Market participants view this data as a barometer of economic growth and inflationary pressures, making its release a catalyst for increased market volatility.

Here are the highlights from today's market overview:

- Asian shares declined following losses in the US equities market and rising Treasury yields. Australian and Hong Kong technology firms led the decline.

- US equity futures also edged lower as investors awaited the release of the nonfarm payrolls data.

- The ADP Research Institute reported strong private hiring data in the US, raising concerns about inflation.

- Samsung Electronics and Eisai Co. faced losses in their respective markets due to revenue decline and drug adoption risks.

In the bond market:

- Treasury yields continued to decline in Asia, with the two-year yield briefly surpassing 5%. The 10-year note yield remained near its highest level since March.

- Australia and New Zealand also experienced increases in their bond yields.

- Volatility is expected to persist in the bond markets throughout the second half of the year, posing challenges for investors.

In the currency market:

- Currencies in Asia showed mixed performance, with the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index reaching a four-week high.

- The yen remained relatively stable, supported by the Bank of Japan's comments on yield-curve control.

- The offshore yuan traded within a narrow range following increased support from the People's Bank of China.

Regarding monetary policy:

- Swap contracts indicate a high probability of a quarter-point interest rate hike by July 26, reinforcing expectations of tighter global monetary policy.

- Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan expressed concerns about inflation and the need for further tightening.

- Some experts question the Fed's 2% inflation target and its potential impact on the real estate and banking markets.

In the crypto news:

- Binance Holdings Ltd., the largest cryptocurrency exchange, experienced executive departures amidst regulatory challenges.

- Binance's founder, Changpeng 'CZ' Zhao, defended the platform and emphasized their commitment to growth and hiring.

- Binance is currently facing regulatory probes in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with accusations of mishandling customer funds and breaking securities rules.

In the oil market:

- Oil prices rose slightly and were on track for a second consecutive weekly gain.

- Resilient demand and a larger-than-expected fall in US oil stocks offset concerns about higher US interest rates.

- Saudi Arabia and Russia announced additional output cuts for August, which supported oil prices.

- The expectation of a Federal Reserve rate hike in July could limit further gains in oil prices.

In the gold market:

- Gold prices remained near a three-month low and were heading for a fourth consecutive weekly loss.

- Upbeat US data and hawkish Federal Reserve expectations strengthened the US Dollar and weighed on gold.

- Concerns about China's markets, US-China tensions, and recession fears contributed to a risk-off sentiment.

- The upcoming US Nonfarm Payrolls report will be closely watched for further indications of a rate hike.

- The World Gold Council expects gold to be supported by rangebound bond yields and a lower dollar, but economic conditions and monetary policy will continue to have an influence.

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Please note that trading involves risk, and it is essential to approach the markets with a well-defined strategy and risk management plan.


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