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Friday's Morning Forex Briefing: US Dollar in Focus

As we approach the end of the year, today's market dynamics are significantly influenced by key data releases and global economic trends.

The spotlight is firmly on the US dollar, with other major currencies also playing a pivotal role in shaping the day's trading landscape.

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US Dollar and Major Currencies

The US dollar remains a central topic today, particularly with the anticipation of the US core personal consumption expenditures (PCE) data release. 1.30 GMT

This data is crucial as it's the Federal Reserve's preferred measure of underlying inflation and will offer insights into potential future interest rate cuts.

The dollar has recently shown weakness, hitting a four-month low and affecting pairs like NZD/USD and EUR/USD.

USD/CAD currency pair, A financial chart depicting the with technical indicators including candlesticks, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, and volume bars. The chart also features an RSI indicator below, signalling recent market volatility.

Key Data and Market Movements

  • Asia Stocks: There's an uptick in Asian stocks, fueled by the prospect of US rate cuts.

  • EUR and NZD: The Euro and New Zealand dollar have seen gains against the weakening US dollar.

  • US PCE Data: Investors are keenly awaiting the PCE data, expected to show a decline in inflation, thus opening the door for the Fed to adjust monetary policy.

  • GBP and AUD: The British pound and Australian dollar exhibit marginal movements, reflecting the broader market uncertainty.

What to Watch

  • Inflation and Fed's Policy: The core PCE data will be a critical determinant of the Fed's policy direction.

  • Currency Pairs: Traders should keep an eye on major currency pairs, especially those involving the US dollar, for volatility.

  • Global Economic Indicators: Other global economic indicators, including those from the UK and Asia, could impact market dynamics.

Trading Strategies

  • Monitor the US dollar closely, especially post-PCE data release.

  • Consider hedging strategies in light of potential market volatility.

  • Keep an eye on other major currencies for trading opportunities in response to the dollar's movements.


Today's trading session is poised to be influenced heavily by the US dollar and the anticipated PCE data. Traders should stay alert to these developments, as they could significantly impact forex markets and broader financial markets.


  • For an in-depth analysis of today's market trends, refer to financial news outlets like Bloomberg and Reuters.

  • Keep abreast of real-time market data and economic calendar updates for informed trading decisions.


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