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Get Ahead of the Game: Morning Brief for Forex, Gold, and Oil Trading

Markets Stumble as Hawkish Fed Chair Comments Lift Yields and Dollar

Jerome Powell head superimposed on the body of a hawk sitting on a fence throwing dollar bills

Market Snapshot

In a week marked by volatility, stocks have hit their lowest point, rattled by U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's stern remarks suggesting a relentless approach to interest rate hikes, dampening the brief optimism of a rate peak.

The ripple effect was felt across the Pacific as Asian equities slumped, shadowing a downtrend in the S&P 500, which halted its longest winning streak since 2021.

Yield Surge and the Dollar's Strength

The Treasury market was not immune to the upheaval, with yields spiking post a weak auction of 30-year notes — a clear sign of investors' hesitance to absorb a burgeoning debt supply.

This surge in yields has bolstered the dollar's position, as the Fed's commitment to a "restrictive monetary policy" stands firm against the backdrop of ongoing inflation struggles.

Regional Market Reactions

Asia-Pacific shares took a hit, with MSCI's broadest index falling to a one-week trough and Japan's Nikkei registering a 0.50% decline.

The sentiment echoed Powell's resolve on interest rates, as he spoke at an International Monetary Fund event, reinforcing the Fed's stance on not being "confident" that the current rates are sufficient to tame inflation.

Commodities and Currency Movements

The impact on commodities was mixed, with U.S. crude and Brent showing marginal changes, while spot gold remained steady but on track for a lackluster performance. In the currency arena, the dollar index retained its gains, pressuring other major currencies, including the yen and the Australian dollar.

Looking Ahead

Investors remain on edge as they anticipate new lending and money supply data from China, along with consumer sentiment figures from the U.S., which could provide further cues on the economic trajectory.

The market is also keeping an eye on key events, including talks by ECB President Christine Lagarde and remarks from Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan and Atlanta Fed counterpart Raphael Bostic.

Fundamental Forex Forecast | 10 November 2023

Dollar Index (DXY):

  • US unemployment claims slightly lower than expected, no significant USD lift.

  • DXY dropped post-data but rebounded after Powell's hawkish remarks.

  • Ends US session around 105.95; expectations of further tightening persist.

Dollar Index, Bar chart showing forex and commodities prices, green/red candles depict daily trading trends. Includes moving average, Bollinger bands, and RSI.

Gold (XAU):

  • UoM consumer sentiment and inflation expectations may influence prices.

  • Inflation concerns could depress sentiment and increase gold as a safe haven.

Vantage Markets Sales banner for Gold

Australian Dollar (AUD):

  • RBA's monetary policy statement to give economic outlook.

  • Hawkish tone could strengthen AUD.

Kiwi Dollar (NZD):

  • NZD under pressure from Powell’s hawkish stance.

Japanese Yen (JPY):

  • USD/JPY surged after Powell's comments, may stay elevated.

Euro (EUR):

  • ECB President Lagarde's speech could sway EUR direction.

  • EUR faced downward pressure but is recovering slightly.

Swiss Franc (CHF):

  • Hawkish Fed comments pushed USD/CHF above key threshold.

Pound (GBP):

  • UK GDP release likely to keep pressure on GBP.

Canadian Dollar (CAD):

  • USD/CAD surged post-Fed comments, likely to remain high.


  • Weak global demand and Fed's hawkish stance pushing prices down.

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Please note that these are short-term biases and actual market movements can vary significantly due to multiple factors.

Conclusion and Action Steps

For Forex traders, the current landscape underscores the need for caution. With the possibility of further rate hikes on the horizon, a strategic approach to investments is crucial.

Keeping abreast of central bank signals and macroeconomic data releases will be key in navigating these turbulent waters.

Follow our daily signals and keep updated live.

As with all investments, your capital is at risk. Investments can fall and rise and you

may get back less than you invested.


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