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Intraday Forex Signals for Gold (XAUUSD) - January 11, 2024

🔍 Analysis Overview:

As we await the latest U.S. inflation data, gold’s trading pattern on January 10, 2024, indicates a consolidation phase near critical resistance levels, signaling market indecision.

Market Sentiment:

StoneX Bullion’s latest commodities analysis underscores ongoing economic and political uncertainties as drivers for gold's potential gains this year, while silver faces headwinds.

The recent Fed minutes and nonfarm payrolls data reflect a manufacturing employment rise and sustained but slowing economic growth.

The mix of these factors fosters an uncertain U.S. and European economic outlook, indirectly buoying gold prices.

Technical analysis:

Today's analysis reveals the Bollinger Bands narrowing, potentially foreshadowing a breakout in volatility. The current price's relation to key indicators suggests traders should watch for signs of directional movement.

Gold currency pair, A financial chart depicting the with technical indicators including candlesticks, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, and volume bars. The chart also features an RSI indicator below, signalling recent market volatility.


Trade Probability: 60%

Yesterday's Trend:

XAUUSD Gold's last session closed with slight gains, showing reluctance to break the resistance level. The chart and pivot levels suggest a possible sideways to downward trend for the day.

Pivot Point: 2029.10


Volatility: The contracting Bollinger Bands hint at an upcoming significant price movement. A break below the pivot could confirm a bearish outlook.

Moving Average (MA): Gold is just above the 20-day MA. A persistent move below this could signal bearish momentum.

Ichimoku: Price above the Ichimoku cloud; a break below could indicate a bearish trend.

RSI: Slightly above 50 and trending down, hinting at growing bearish momentum.

Bollinger Bands: Price between middle and upper bands. A rejection here, particularly with high volume, may lead to a bearish reversal.

🎯 Targets for Taking Profits (Sell):

  • 1st Support: 2018.00

  • 2nd Support: 2009.30

  • 3rd Support: 1998.20

❌ Stop Loss Guidelines (Sell):

Set the stop loss just above the pivot point at 2032.00 to account for volatility and avoid false bullish spikes.


With a neutral to bearish inclination, traders might consider short positions upon a break below the pivot. A tight stop loss just above the pivot point is advisable to shield against unexpected bullish shifts. Watch for a breakout indicated by the Bollinger Bands and validate the move at the pivot level before initiating trades.

The image displays a smartphone with the 'Vantage APP' on the screen, indicating it is a mobile application for trading. The top of the phone screen shows the time as '9:41' and the app's interface includes an account balance of '1,230,623.39 USD' with a floating profit/loss of '+25,323.23'. Below the account summary, a watchlist is visible showcasing different financial instruments: 'XAUUSD' (Gold Spot U.S. Dollar) is listed with prices '1961.46' (sell) and '1961.73' (buy), 'EURUSD' (Euro U.S. Dollar) with prices '1.09834' (sell) and '1.09849' (buy), 'GBPUSD' (British Pound U.S. Dollar) with prices '1.28186' (sell) and '1.28209' (buy), and 'AUDUSD' (Australian Dollar U.S. Dollar) with prices '0.66971' (sell) and '0.66934' (buy). Each instrument displays a percentage change, though the exact values are not clearly visible. The Vantage logo is prominently displayed in the background, suggesting the app is likely used for trading a variety of financial instruments including forex, cryptocurrencies, shares CFDs, and indices.


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