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The Risk-Reward Conundrum in Forex Trading: Lessons from a Former Barclays Trader

This ones close to our hearts as former employees!

Trading forex currencies can be an enticing venture for both professional traders working for banks and individual traders alike. The potential for substantial profits exists, but so does the inherent risk. Recent events involving a former Barclays trader shed light on the precarious nature of forex trading and underscore the need for guidance and mentorship in navigating the challenges of the market. In this blog post, we will examine the case of Akshay Niranjan, a former Barclays trader who found himself entangled in an insider trading scandal while facing personal and professional setbacks. We will also highlight the importance of mentorship, such as that provided by Chump Profit mentors, to help traders succeed and overcome the hurdles of the forex market.

The Tale of Akshay Niranjan:

Akshay Niranjan, a trader of foreign currency options at Barclays, experienced a series of unfortunate events that affected both his personal life and his trading career. In May 2017, his trading book was wiped out, causing significant financial losses. Simultaneously, he went through a breakup with his fiancée and contemplated leaving New York to return to his home country, India. However, amidst these tribulations, Niranjan managed to score a profit of nearly $30,000 through trading on inside information provided by a friend working at Goldman Sachs.

Insider Trading Allegations and its Impact:

Akshay Niranjan's role as the government's star witness in the insider-trading prosecution of Goldman Sachs' former vice president, Brijesh Goel, exposed the dark side of trading. While Niranjan profited from illicit trading activities, his own trading book at Barclays suffered significant losses. The irony of his situation becomes evident when reflecting on his testimony. He described his insider trading profits as good news at the time but now considers it one of the worst days, given the consequences he faces. The contrasting outcomes highlight the unpredictability and risks involved in trading forex currencies.

The Cross-Examination:

During cross-examination by Goel's lawyer, Reed Brodsky, Niranjan's credibility and the validity of his testimony were called into question. Brodsky pointed out Niranjan's previous profitability in his trading book at Barclays, suggesting that his losses were not solely due to his day job but possibly the result of his own trading decisions. This line of inquiry aimed to undermine Niranjan's claim that he made substantial profits trading options based on tips from Goel.

The Need for Guidance and Mentorship:

The complexities and uncertainties of the forex market demand a solid understanding of trading strategies, risk management, and ethical conduct. Both professional traders and individual traders can benefit from mentorship and guidance provided by experienced mentors like those at Chump Profit. By having a trusted mentor by your side, traders can gain valuable insights, develop disciplined trading approaches, and learn to mitigate risks effectively.


The case of Akshay Niranjan serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us that trading forex currencies involves inherent risks, regardless of whether one is a professional trader working for a bank or an individual trader. The story highlights the volatility and unpredictability of the market, where even insiders can experience severe losses. In such a challenging landscape, the support and guidance of experienced mentors, like those offered by Chump Profit, become invaluable. With the right mentorship, traders can enhance their skills, navigate market hurdles, and strive for success while minimizing risks in the forex trading arena.


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