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Trade of the Week: EUR/GBP Long Position—A Technical and Fundamental Synergy

The currency exchange arena is a dynamic battleground of economies, where every tick can be the herald of a new trend or the death knell of an established one. In the heart of this arena, the EUR/GBP pair has recently piqued the interest of market analysts and traders alike.

The interplay of technical indicators and fundamental forecasts suggests an intriguing opportunity for the upcoming week.

Market Analysis: A Glimpse into EUR/GBP

Recent data from Europe’s largest asset manager, Amundi SA, signals a potential weakening of the British Pound, opening the door for a long position in the EUR/GBP pair.

The undercurrent of this sentiment is the anticipated policy shift from the Bank of England (BOE), which is expected to pivot towards interest rate cuts as early as May 2024, in response to a slowing inflation and the strain of prior policy tightening.

The image is a technical chart of the EUR/GBP currency pair, showing daily price movements. It includes Bollinger Bands, with the price approaching the upper band, and a Relative Strength Index (RSI) that is trending upwards towards overbought territory. The chart has a date and time stamp of December 21, 2023, 11:33 UTC.

Trading Strategies: Long on EUR/GBP

The provided chart encapsulates the allure of a buy position. The EUR/GBP pair is demonstrating a bullish setup, with price action recently breaching the upper Bollinger Band—a classic indicator of upward momentum.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is ascending towards the overbought territory, but it is the conjunction with a receding inflation and possible BOE rate cuts that truly cements the bullish case.

Risk Management: The Prudent Path

While the bullish case for EUR/GBP is compelling, traders must navigate with caution. The volatile nature of forex, especially with major currency pairs, demands stringent risk management protocols.

Setting a stop loss just below a recent swing low or a significant support level can safeguard against unexpected reversals.

Technical Analysis: Charting the Course

The EUR/GBP daily chart presents a series of higher lows, a bullish signal within market circles. The Ichimoku Cloud is poised to support the upward trend, while the Moving Average convergence indicates sustained momentum.

The pivotal point will be if the pair sustains its position above key moving averages.

The image is of a building facade with the signage "Amundi ASSET MANAGEMENT" prominently displayed.

Conclusion: Tapping into the Sterling Forecast

The case for a bullish EUR/GBP trade is grounded in both technical fortitude and fundamental analysis.

As Europe’s biggest asset manager forecasts a decline in the pound to $1.21 by March, traders might find this an opportune moment to capitalize on the currency pair's potential rise. Caution remains paramount, but the confluence of signals points to a strategic long position as we approach the week's end.


  • Bloomberg Terminal: Insights into real-time financial data and analysis

  • TradingView: Technical analysis and real-time charting software

  • Amundi SA: Europe’s largest asset manager providing market forecasts and analysis

Champ Profit Ethical Practices

Champ Profit remains committed to ethical practices by ensuring transparency in trading risks and affiliations. This analysis is provided with the utmost integrity, underscoring the potential but also the risks inherent in forex trading.


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