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US Jobs Report: Anticipation and Market Implications

Investors and traders are bracing for the release of the US November employment report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics. This highly anticipated event is set to create significant market volatility, presenting potentially lucrative trading opportunities as the weekend approaches.

A screenshot showing a schedule of economic events. It lists three entries under the date "Fri Dec 8" with a time stamp of "1:30 pm" next to a clock icon. All entries are related to USD (U.S. Dollar) and are marked with red arrows pointing upwards, indicating high impact. The events listed are "Average Hourly Earnings m/m," "Non-Farm Employment Change," and "Unemployment Rate."

Market Dynamics

Current Market Trends

  • US Employment Figures: The report is expected to reveal the addition of 180,000 jobs in November, a notable increase from October's 150,000. The unemployment rate is predicted to stay steady at 3.9%.

  • Wage Growth: Average hourly earnings, a key inflation indicator, are anticipated to show a 0.3% month-over-month increase, hinting at a slight easing in inflationary pressures.

Recent Developments and Impact

  • Yen Fluctuations: The Japanese Yen has shown significant volatility, influenced by both the anticipated US jobs data and internal monetary policy expectations.

  • Global Stock Markets: Markets are exhibiting cautious movements, with many indices showing narrow ranges in anticipation of the jobs report's implications for future Fed actions.

Upcoming Events and Expectations

Key Upcoming Events

  • US Jobs Report Release: This report could provide insights into the cooling of the labour market, influencing the Fed's rate decisions in their upcoming policy meeting.

  • BOJ Policy Speculations: The Bank of Japan's potential shift in negative rate policy is also under scrutiny, affecting currency movements, especially the Yen.

Market Expectations

  • Federal Reserve's Rate Decisions: The job report's outcomes might hint at the Fed nearing the end of its tightening cycle, impacting forex and equity markets.

  • BOJ's Monetary Policy: Market volatility is expected to continue until the BOJ clarifies its stance on monetary policy changes.

Technical Analysis

Technical Indicators and Analysis

  • Forex and Equity Markets: Narrow ranges and cautious trading are prevalent as markets await the jobs data.

  • Yen Movements: The Yen's fluctuations indicate market sensitivity to both US and Japanese monetary policies.

USD/JPY currency pair, A financial chart depicting the with technical indicators including candlesticks, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, and volume bars. The chart also features an RSI indicator below, signalling recent market volatility.

Price Level Analysis

  • Dollar-Yen Pair: This forex pair is of particular interest, with potential rebounds or declines hinging on the jobs data.

Suggestion: If the NFP report is positive, indicating a robust job market without stoking inflation fears, it could trigger a bullish sentiment for the USD. Traders could take a long position after the report release, with a stop loss set as suggested, and profit targets placed at the identified resistance levels.


Trade Direction: BULLISH

Trade Probability: 65%

Yesterday's Trend: The USDJPY showed a downward trend yesterday with significant volatility.

Pivot Point: 144.000


  • Volatility: The Bollinger Bands are wide, indicating increased volatility.

  • Moving Average (MA): The pair is trading below the moving average, suggesting a potential upward correction.

  • Ichimoku: The recent dip below the Ichimoku cloud indicates a potential bullish reversal if the NFP data is positive.

  • RSI: The RSI is nearing the oversold territory, hinting at a possible upward momentum.

  • Bollinger Bands: The price is testing the lower band, which could lead to a rebound if supported by strong employment data.

🎯 Targets for Taking Profits:

  • Buy: If the NFP data suggests a stronger than expected job market.

    • 1st Resistance Level: 145.000

    • 2nd Resistance Level: 146.500

    • 3rd Resistance Level: 148.000

Stop Loss Guidelines:

  • Buy: Set the stop loss below the recent swing low, around the 142.000 support level.

Market Sentiment & US Jobs Report

Sentiment Data Overview

  • Cautious Optimism: There is a sense of cautious optimism, with markets hoping for signs of a cooling labor market and less aggressive Fed actions.

  • Yen Speculation: The market is closely watching the Yen for clues on the BOJ's policy direction.

Implications of Sentiment Data

  • Impact on Trading Strategies: Traders should be prepared for heightened volatility and be ready to adjust strategies based on the report's outcome.

Conclusion: Relevance to FX, Gold, and Oil Markets

The release of the US jobs report is poised to significantly impact major trading pairs, gold, and oil markets. Traders should closely monitor the data for insights into future monetary policy directions in the US and Japan, which will in turn affect global market dynamics.

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