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What to Know Ahead of Disney's Earnings Report

Disney is poised to announce its fiscal second-quarter earnings before the opening bell on Tuesday.

This earnings report is highly anticipated, as it will shed light on how the company is managing its streaming business and whether it remains on track for profitability by the end of the fiscal year.

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Investors are particularly interested in updates regarding streaming subscriber growth, especially in light of Disney’s recent bundling strategy and impending password-sharing crackdown.

Yesterday’s Market Recap

Disney’s stock has shown impressive growth this year, gaining roughly 29% to reach $116.47 ahead of Tuesday’s earnings announcement. However, investors are watching closely for signs of whether the company’s strategic initiatives will continue to positively impact its bottom line.

Today's Economic Data

  • Revenue Outlook: Analysts estimate Disney’s Q2 revenue at $22.08 billion, slightly down from the previous quarter ($23.55 billion) but an improvement from last year ($21.82 billion).

  • Net Income Expectations: Expected net income is $1.96 billion, down from $2.26 billion in Q1 but an increase from the $1.7 billion in Q2 2023.

  • EPS: Diluted earnings per share (EPS) are projected at $1.09, compared with $0.93 in the same period a year earlier.

Market Trends and News

Streaming Subscriber Growth: Analysts project Disney+ Core subscribers will rise to 117.2 million, with Hulu subscribers reaching 50 million. These increases stem from the bundling strategy and new content deals, positioning the streaming business closer to profitability. The bundling activity between Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ continues to gain traction, now reportedly accounting for 26% of subscriptions, according to J.P. Morgan analysts.

Direct-to-Consumer Profitability Path: The streaming segment is expected to narrow its operating losses further, with projections indicating a Q2 loss of $116.8 million compared to a $138 million loss in Q1 and $587 million in Q2 2023. CEO Bob Iger has reiterated confidence that streaming will be profitable by the end of the fiscal year.

Industry Strategy Shifts: With Disney consolidating Hulu in the U.S., analysts at UBS suggest this integration will streamline operations, boost engagement, and improve streaming margins.

Engaging Market Overviews

  • Competitive Analysis: Disney’s market competitiveness remains strong, supported by its bundling strategies and subscriber retention initiatives. The company’s password-sharing crackdown, set to start later this summer, could lead to new subscriptions as users opt to sign up individually. Additionally, the "Hulu on Disney+" feature, available since March for bundled subscribers, is expected to enhance user engagement and reduce churn, potentially adding significant additional operating income.

Clear Trading Signals and Ideas

  • Stock Movement Prediction: If Disney meets or exceeds revenue and subscriber growth expectations, its stock could see an uptick. Conversely, any deviation from these projections may prompt a dip in share prices.

  • Sector Influence: Disney’s performance is likely to impact the broader streaming and media sectors. Positive subscriber and revenue numbers can lead to optimism for competitors like Netflix, while a negative outcome may spur industry-wide caution.

Disney's Earnings Report

In summary, investors should closely monitor Disney’s earnings report for insights into the streaming business’s profitability trajectory, the success of recent strategic initiatives, and any forthcoming leadership changes.

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